In Eureka, we are currently working on Module 3, Addition and Subtraction of Fractions.

Need math homework help? Click on the link below to for links for our grade specific different modules. There you can find the homework pages, as well as videos that briefly describe how to complete some of the problems. What a valuable resource that can be used to help our children soar with success through the Eureka curriculum!

Eureka Math Homework Support

Please check out this link for parent support pages for use with the Eureka curriculum.

Eureka Parent Support

Please look at Mrs. Weiss' (FWES math coach) wikispace for additional math support.

Mrs. Weiss - math support

Students will be using Zearn to preview the day's lesson the night before as well as to practice that day's math concepts in class. Each student has a username and password and access Zearn at If your child needs help accessing the Zearn website please see the cheat sheet below:

Zearn Login Direction

If logging in with a Chromebook
Upon powering chromebook, user will be prompted to enter their email address and password.
All students use their google email address, ex) __28lhoward@stu.udsd.org__ and their Google password. Once students navigate to __www.zearn.org__, they will automatically be signed into their account.

If logging in with a Laptop or Desktop

Option 1:
zearn widget google.jpg
zearn widget google.jpg

Navigate to __www.zearn.org__ using an internet browser.

On the login screen, click on button that says:
“Sign in with Google” and enter Google credentials,
ex) __28lhoward@stu.udsd.org__ and student’s Google password.

Consider option to “Save Password.” A pop up will ask the user if they would like their password saved. Choosing to do so will will help expedite the login process in the future.

Disclaimer: Failed attempts at using this option at home are usually because another family member is already logged into Google. Other users must log out of their google account before the student can log in successfully.

Option 2:
zearn widget.jpg
zearn widget.jpg

Navigate to __www.zearn.org__ using an internet browser.

Sign in using the homepage’s login widget.

Student email/username is their google email address,
ex) __28lhoward@stu.udsd.org__
All passwords are set to zearn1