Unit 2, Module A
  • Anchor Text - The Road to Freedom
  • Supporting Text - Operation Sweep Clean and Cesar Chavez
  • Sleuth - "The Price of Freedom" and "On Loyalty to Country"
  • Module Goals:
    • Readers will quote accurately from a text when summarizing the events or the main ideas and details.
    • Writers will state and support an opinion using evidence from a variety of sources.
    • Learners will demonstrate understanding of ways in which people respond to inequality and injustice.
Unit 2, Module B
  • Anchor Text - Real-Life Superheroes
  • Supporting Text - Angel Island and The Great Migration
  • Sleuth - "Bound for Kansas!" and "A Voice for Women"
    • Readers will explain the relationships between individuals and historical events based on information presented in texts.
    • Writers will compose an informative text using linking words and phrases and specific vocabulary.
    • Learners will understand various social movements and how they have affected large groups of people
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